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If anyone can find a picture of Clara Oswald in the sailer outfit from a few weeks back I will be very greatful. And they will be mentioned in a post.


Fucking Beautiful night.

Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls were incredible, brilliant show, brilliant people. 


RIght, FRANK FUCKING TURNER tommorow night! I cannot express how much I am looking forward to seeing him live. 

Frank Turner.

After 1381 live performances, 10 Studio albums and 11,000 tweets Frank Turner has finally made it to the Number ONE spot on iTunes.

I think he deserves a huge round of applause, well done frank.

Sincerely your only growing fan group.

Leaked Tape Deck Heart.

It is not until a musician who is not corporate, and who you adore’s album is leaked that you question the moralities of piracy.

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